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Cobb AZ Electric - the number one service contractor in Yavapai County for Residential and Commercial Projects. 

Servicing the greater Prescott and Tri-City area for 33 Years!

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Cobb AZ Electric has been a local, family-owned business for more than 33 years.
We offer a variety of services including ceiling fan and light fixture installation, code violation correction, real estate inspection reports, repairs, RV home power setup, service upgrades, spas and hot tubs, and general troubleshooting.
Other services include computer networking, telephone and cable installation or repair, and
home theatres.

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No matter if its a new business or an established presence on whiskey row, Cobb AZ Electric has the experience required to renovate, install, upgrade, or move your business.
Computer or Point of Sale installation? No problem. Sharp new lighting or LED. display? We can do it. Just need a new switch or ceiling fan? Sure! Building your business from the ground up? Trust Cobb-AZ Electric with your electrical needs and you can't go wrong.

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RV and Auto Power


Enjoy the convenience of a Power docking station for your RV or EV Vehicle. Home charging is the most convenient way or replenish plug in vehicle's batteries.

From RV to electric/smart car connect and disconnect in absolute safety for all family members.



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About Us

Cobb Company, DBA Cobb-AZ Electric is family owned and operated since 1990. 

Founder and owner David Cobb has over 55+ years of experience in the residential and commercial electrical field, and has been a Prescott Arizona resident for over 50 years.  Network Installer and CompTIA Certified. 

Everybody knows him - give him a call!


  • This Month's Tip:

    Five Best Light Bulbs

    LIFX Original LED 17W Bulb works with smart home appliances. It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled via your smartphone as either an individual unit, or can it be programed for entire zones or rooms with specific types of lighting. For example, you can set your bathroom to soothing, dimmer light and your office with brighter, more energetic lighting if you prefer.

    Press Release:

    On 4.30.2023 Cobb-AZ Electric officially celebrated our 33th year anniversary in the electrical business. 

    We are proud and thankful to announce our 33th year in the Prescott Arizona and Tri City area and we look forward to providing high quality electrical service to the Prescott Arizona and Tri-City Area for the next 30+ years!

    "It's our 33th Anniversary and we'd like to Thank You for your support.  We couldn't have done it without you!"

  • New Products:

    Tasco Inc.'s new HotRod safety screwdriver is designed with a built-in voltage indicator in the form of a light-up handle. This innovative new feature can help prevent accidents and identify faults.

    Safety is important in any job, but especially in the electrical industry where high voltage can ruin your day in one careless moment.

  • New Science:

    Copper - that conductive metal often used as an award for a third place competitor - has found new use in hospitals.

    Unlike most materials, copper has the uncommon property of being bacteria-resistant. Colonies of the microbes are unable to live on surfaces made from the metal and die off soon after being introduced. Thusly, copper is earning a reputation for being an ultra-clean material that could keep your home safe and infection-free.


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Cobb AZ Electric is your local electrical solutions provider. We are eager to tackle any electrical obstacle you have.